Erin Condren 2017-2018 Life Planner Unboxing & Review

It’s that time of year for us planner girls, when those cute little colorful boxes from Erin Condren arrive on our doorstep. I’ve been getting one of these adorable little packages for a few years now and it’s like my own personal Christmas in summer!

Happy Birthday Bailey Grace!

A few days ago we celebrated our sweet Bailey’s 14th birthday! It’s so hard to believe that she has been part of the family for so many years. This past year has been rough for her with a cancer diagnosis that meant lots of vet visits and medications which certainly are not her favorite two things.

Bloglovin’: It’s Like Pinterest for Blogs!

Since starting my blog, I have become really interested in reading other blogs that are similar to mine and discovering new ones that have topics that interest me. 

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